It's been long enough. What a shame to let this languish in its particular silence and secrecy.

I'm going to reveal your bits of memory so, say you were an intrepid type, you might go see some similarities, some comparison to be had between each.

Or perhaps it's not there.

But, in the interest of a fresh, a clean start.

Morham - hopping hippo
June - morbidity
Dalziel - infidelity
Vidius - rocadan
Leon - simplicity

I doubt you'll hate me for it. But I love this little thing we did, and am ready to seal it for now, to open eventually.

Ewkwarm DM


Many flanks, many cows. Many cows, much methane.

Much methane?

What's next?

If you get me a character update by April 1st and they have an additional name, (if your character has two names, add a third, or a nickname) your character will add one skill point to their charisma.

Pure potential! New update.

Find it!

Lurch of Spring

New doors have opened, many a portal crossed this week. Several heroes give chase to a curiosity, while others fall in magnificent manner.

This is a time to be considering the buds of new growth, folk. Begin considering your past, your character's past.

Please, when you describe your character speaking, use the first person. There is no: The Dungeon Master says that he'll be right with you.

I'll be right with you.

Also: a reminder that your response does not need to be limited only to 'action'. Yes, I want you to indicate what you are doing, but also too, consider the 'question'. What information do you want to know?

Some excellent work. Thanks, guys.

Find your character here.

Super Bowl'd


Spurred by a visit from one Brian Westerlind, the adventure rolls forward.

As unmentioned, or maybe yesmentioned, two of the characters are no longer solo. For the two that are, please find your way to your joint-post by way of your character sheet. Everyone's headed here for their post.

It's been nice to see some of you in person to clarify questions regarding how the game is being played. Suffice it to say that everyone is doing very well. It's as free-form a thing as I'd have asked for.

I will try not to complicate it, but to simply, as we all do, roll with it. Sincerest hope for happy February everyone. When you're ready, pass me your character response.

Ended Night

Good morning.

Have just finished reading and responding to your various entries. I have some updates I'd like to make to the site, most importantly communication between your characters as you come together, and also I'd like to make it so you can make your own dice rolls.

I have an idea for how I'd like to do this, and I'll see if I can pull one or both off while I'm here in the mountains over Thanksgiving.

For now though, your various stories continue. Pursue as you would with a simple e-mail and I'll let you know as I do some more site manipulation.

Wicked Dangers

Ah Friday!

Powers grow. Maybe yours. More likely mine.

As those powers grow, it seems to that you move closer to those friends you met so briefly, what seems so long ago.

Dust falls in one heroes realm. Another finds her perch perhaps less safe than she'd thought. Lines are cast, slime and blood spill across the floor. With challenge, you'll find yourself.

To your respective places.

Next responses due by the 25th.


Ah, a full cast! So glad to have Dalziel in full working order once more.

A slight headache this morn, but nothing a chai and a bit of Land Dev'rd can't bang out. About to have a yogurt in fact. These are lesser details.

Your characters have all been updated.

Hit me up with your updates by next Friday (October 11th)


Ye renegades–

With all due respect, you are as the title suggests classless.

All of you have played D&D before, and so may have certain expectations about rules and stats and how this is going to fit into how we or others have played before.

It has been deliberate, not ascribing you 'fighter' or 'cleric' or 'mage'. Not that I don't think these serve as excellent figureheads or more simply 'heads' of classes, I simply want you to flesh out an entirely unique character.

All of you are developing particularities, and I would see those develop. As you approach the coming challenges, be daring in your decisions. Try me on what you think you can do.

This is your story. Your Legend. I am simply the setting and the judge.

Power of Powder

Good Early Afternoon, ye dangerous ones.

The sun of Denver barely creeps into my basement, now. I've made do with a few overhead lights and a plethora of lamps. That and the glare of computer screen.

Each of you will notice the click of doors shut, how perhaps the questions you've asked do not reach the ears of those you'd hoped.

Perhaps the mist of this world hang lower today, obscuring what you know; perhaps finding yourself somewhere in here is the best you can hope for, at least for now.

Hope too that the shapes that thrive in the shadows are those of your friends.

Know too that from six you are five, and so the dangers of the mist & the dark appear that much longer in the tooth.

Weigh anchor, children, the sun alights.

Please have your responses in by next weekend. You've all been doing a wonderful job. Vast your explorations be.

From the Lake

Heroes, bonjour.

I've returned from Canadian boundaries. Twas fun, but I missed you.

I've done further exploring and much of the AD&D reference guides (beyond the Players Handbook) are online now, for free. They lack their original wonderful imagery but they'll serve as quality guides for further development of your characters.

Your response times were quick, so I'm going to try to shorten my deadlines slightly to see if we can bring in the slack a bit, whip up a frenzy of adventure.

Shall we continue with this?

Please respond to the new post by September 7th. Thanks.

------ : ------ : ------

The death-cry of a pig, similar to the cry of an infant comes through the small window. A bluster of wind drags some foliage through its bamboo frame.

But you are not alone, are you? So there are other things that need addressing.

A Swirl of Memory

In hand, I've a sheaf of papers. Your memories, tiny scraps of that which you can recollect.

Hold onto them. The world around you is very different now.

Each of you is alone in a small primitive hut, dried bamboo rods running circular about you. The floor is the wide length of a giant tree-limb.

Light pours into the small hut in an auburn mist; outside, the squack of bird, the buzz of insect.

The humidity brings your hands to your face, the sweat almost a dew on your forehead, your neck and back.

You are not dressed as you were before, but in small clothes of a white soft cloth.

There's a soft knock and the door swings open.

Heroes, Unearthed

It seems the storm has gathered appropriately outside.

Thank you to each of you for sending me your character basics. The team assembleth and my does it look so good.

One hero fell to the side of the road, but one has joined (coincidence? or does six seem so right!):

Kelsey by player name. Kelsey will embody the steady-willed Kellaric Starbyrn, a half-elf. Kelsey is friend to:

Brian, cousin-grown-to-man, has shifted into the light footfalls of Vidius Aindur, an elf. And, brethren be:

Mark, blowing dust from an old character sheet made new, will walk with Morham, also half-elven. But at his side:

Friend and longtime neighbor– Katie K, will weave as June the nimble hand and persistent curiousity of a halfling.

And cousin strung from the far side of this continent: Ben who marshalls Leon Thistelbottom from his home, the third of the half-elven variety.

Last, Katie B, cousin minen, who rides with red-haired Dalziel, a blend of human and halfling.

So you see your troop assembled.

Please send me the last memory your character remembers by 5 post-meridiem on Monday, August 12th.


A Land Devoured

Welcome, yes?

An appropriate start.

It is 3:23 on a Thursday. I’m nearly through my second beer. My elbow is skinned enough that the blood is fresh and unfortunately not drying quickly. It was a bike-ride.

I’m through trying to scribe translations of poets who are living in a world above mine. I’m ready to tell you about my world and as importantly, ready to invite you there.

Welcome to A Land Devoured. Here there is story, waiting for you. Waiting for you to be part of the story, most accurately.

A Land Devoured is an interactive adventure-tale, an online interpretation of AD&D 2nd Edition rules, narrated by me, played by you six (or perhaps others, if the adventure groweth).

For now, suffice it to say that you’ve been invited to take part in something I and you have not done in this way before. Each of you has received an email and been directed here.

I will begin narrating this adventure on September 5th. That is a Thursday. That is when your characters will meet one another; or, be in the same room – I leave you to do your own ‘introductions’

In the email I’ve sent you is a PDF copy of the Players Handbook using the rules I would like to muster for this. You do not need to be completely familiar with it in entirety, but you do need to make a character and send me the basics.

But what are the basics, teach? You may remember, but here is a reminder:

A name.

Six Basic Stats – STRength, DEXterity, CONstitution, INTelligence, WISdom, and CHArisma – please find a die (a six-sided one) and roll it six times. Write those numbers down.

Now do it again.

Pick one of those sets of six, and assign each number to a Basic Stat.

Don’t cheat. If you feel like both options you had were terrible, see me.

A race – unless you’ve made special request by me, those are: Human, Half-Elf, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Halfling or some combination therewithin.

That’s really all I want. The rest will be part of the process of discovery. Think of yourself as a little naked baby who is older than a baby.

So a little naked adult.

You’ll hear from me when I’ve heard from you. Please respond to the email with your Character’s basics by Wednesday (July 31st) of next week to be included.

Looking forward to hearing from you.