I am Eric Jon Westerlind, born in Livermore, CA to Jon and Kim. I have one sibling by blood, Mark, and four by re-marriage. My three-legged dog named Abby eats a lot of things I'd think would be bad for her, but she doesn't seem to mind and since she's getting older, I'm of the opinion to let it slide.

We live in Lafayette, CO, at the moment.

I went to university and left with a degree in writing, after which a friend turned me on to computer illustration and from that sprung a design career.

I've studied and practiced web layout, design and development, document layout, custom illustration, logocrafting, the history and crafting of typography, drawing, digital photography, metalwork, woodwork, yarnwork, yardwork, hardwork and farming.

I wish to learn something, try something new, with each task. Since my learning has been spread across multiple fields, my strengths lie in foundation work, in simple shapes and movements that work and work well in all situations. I am not for glitz but I am for beauty.

My weaknesses I will work on with you, if you are interested. It's not a good practice to reveal them to all.