Cards & Collateral. A miscellaney, really. I've collected here single page or single side items that still satisfy the criteria set on the Documents page.

Business cards are often a first request as clients walk the early stages of business. They're a small, easily distributable thing, one that marks a plunge into the effort of individualizing oneself or ones business.

dana business card pre-print dana business card printed

Dana was looking for something simple, bright, and in-line with her ecological values and intentions. She observes rigorous attention to a sustainable lifestyle, one she imparts with the enthusiasm of someone who really cares about the world's health.

These are printed over at– great paper-weight, stock, option, cost, and delivery time, be you in the market for new cards.

jason business card pre-print jason business card post-print

Jason shifted from neophyte to teacher / performer of salsa and bachata over the course of several years (imparting some of his skills to me along the way).

In an effort to begin teaching independent classes, he commissioned these cards, which lean heavily on knowledge of his literary background, as well as precursive latin dance colors.

carecam color template carecam color template carecam color template

The images above are digital documents. They are suggestions of color scheme and background-image templates for CareCam, a web application being designed to keep tabs on the health & wellbeing of elderly and disabled.

wedding invitation thumbs wedding invitation thumbs

A wedding invitation for a tandem-bike loving couple. I broke out my craft box and made little thumb versions of them.

They seemed the type for it (though the invitations remained unprinted)

book cover classroom

I've had this book cover in hiding for a long time. A blend of vector, some text work and a photo I took of rushing grass.

Unused, too. So many of them go that way. But here they rest, for your viewership.