HoopX. Chad Moellenberg is a close friend-once roommate. He has distilled much of himself; is short-spoken and immediate. I have an intense respect for his personal choice and the fervor with which he pursues his vision of a good life. His basketball program is based out of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, not far from the Battle of Bull Run.

He had a vision for his logo before he came to me.

hoopx sketch

Big and blocky with a light play on dimension. I set to work finding a font akin to what he had, opting for what seems the American font these days –Gotham– specifically its fattest ultra'est form.

gotham ultra

I vectored the X, cleaned up the serifs, and clipped it out for reproducability.

hoopx white hoopx black

After logo work, I stopped by Chad's new pad in the Valley for some adventure. He took me out to eat at his favorite Ramen joint in DC and we chatted apparel. Jerseys. T-shirts.

I was there for a day and we made both.

hoopx jerseys

I mentioned Chad has a particular vision of the good life. It does largely revolve around eating ethnic food. Aside from that, being true to what you say, saying what's necessary and little else, striking when a moment is right. He exhibits all of the preceding.

He also has a great color palate– and when deciding on inspiration for the team's colors, he wanted vibrance, specifically (or referentially speaking), vibrant like an electric jellyfish.

electric jellyfish

With these tees, as an initial identity-spreading opportunity, I wanted to make sure that people got the name right, as I'd heard several folks saying 'Oh, XHoop? What's XHoop'. So, highlight hoop first, then allow the X to sink-in.

hoopx tees colors hoopx tees

They warn you as a raft-guide that your worst days on the river, worst paddlers, will always be friends. They don't bring any money, they goof-off the whole time, they don't actually paddle all that well, and they really can't tell when you're serious about the fact that the water is rising and they need to work.

He came rafting with me once or twice and these maxims all held true, but as a graphic design client, they don't get better.