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Imbibe. Casey Berry, the approach artist– man of charismatic aplomb. I'd been to his house, eaten his chips, been offered a beer before the opportunity to craft image and idea for him arose.

Matt and I drove several campaigns forward for his event business, which is taking Denver by the gullet and shaking things up in the right way.

Start where we started– at the First Imbibe Event Ever. A devilish punchbowl centerpiecing Williams & Graham, a small speak-easy in the Highlands of Denver.

A memory I do not wish to lose and so place here: being staff photographer for the event, knowing my flash a dastardly thing that made faces look ghastly, and so experimenting by cutting the wing from a hat* I'd purchased at a five-and-dime in Branson, Missouri and sliding that (thin, yellow-cloth) wing over the flash to create somewhat darker, very odd photos that required exorbitant editing.
williams and graham map
Williams & Graham has a rich existing color palate, so we eyedroppered and introduced Imbibe.

Beyond meet, greet, and drink, we sought interactivity by creating mad-lib-esque forms, which were mailed to attendees.
postcard image pre-print filled out forms by attendees filled out postcards by imbibe
I love maps. Always. That and arrows. If you're interested in reading on maps – bad vs. good, cluttered vs explicative and sincere– Edward Tufte's books provide enormous clarity.

The event below (Imbibe #2) has been documented by Sam and Erica of NVRVR. The poster that I had screenprinted for the event, intended as gift for the winners of the cinema-quiz below, I've gone to detail on in the Posters section of my Illustration work.
illustrated map to the mayan denver cinema quizzes for movie wet hot american summer
The third event was a collaboration between two bands, Young Pharoahs and Man Cub, both local.

Polygons were in. The bird is a meadowlark, not-coincidentally the name of the venue where the event was held.
illustrations pyramid and meadowlark illustration of palm trees in purple young pharoahs wordmark
The most recent event I've done work for for Imbibe was one dedicated to Alex Treves, one of the victims of the Aurora shootings.

I'd read very recently Wucius Wong's Principles of 2D Design– his objective discussion and example displays of grids and shapes– a game changer for me.

I attended initially to a grid, from there modifying it to make a variety of poster and display sizes.
colored grid poster for alex treves event at copper kettle
For me this is somewhat eye-opening. I've shuttered a fair bit of work from display and still this feels almost overweight.

That's good. That's work.

Casey, gracias, mejor; you've invested a lot of time in cultivating me as designer (and beyond, as pal)– appreciative always of your verve and laissez-faire know-how, which frees up so much chance, change, and magic in the world around you.
casey quote imbibe footnote of hat