Jill's Carpets. The fine folk who own this place happen to be most precious relatives. My grandma (Jill) and grandpa (Don) have been the top flooring installation and sales team in the Roaring Fork Valley since I couldn't unroll a carpet myself.

Her website was a thing of the past. She was intent on something extremely easy to navigate, as many of her clients are just come to this "Web-thing". The website is here and the process of crafting is detailed below.

My preference when building websites is to do it completely from hand. Much as a custom house fits its owner best, a non-templated site can best work to the client's tone and needs.

Few divisions, square block-grids: these foster simplicity.

Font– the clientele in the area are well-off; second, third homes, and the like. I dove into Bodoni as a thick-hafted long-lifed font particular to headings (see: Elle).

I also found a suitable web-font that I could do the bulk of the text in, such that the search engines might find the site. It's kin to Bodoni, slightly fuller and less over-the-top in quantity.

Lay both across the grid...

Take a visit to see how design plans shape and change as they hit the somewhat stringent field of development. My code is functional but lukewarm in aesthetic, and so won't be posted to GitHub, but other examples will be there.

Thanks to my grandma and grandpa (his traipsing about, taking photos; her endless cheer and cheek-pinching)– wonderful people who love well and live well. Incomparable trust.