Jonathan Hanst. I walked into Jonathan's place in Lafayette, a tiny green house that he'd converted into recording studio. His dog was on the couch with an eye problem.

He said he knew what he wanted: a website proving his voice his tool.

And he wanted it to wizz-bang

We (Peter Modest, Mort Forshort and I) 'd just finished The Cup's website and felt lemon fresh.

Alright, Jonathan. We'll make wizz-bangs.

sketch logo

He dug his signature, we dug his signature.

rendition dial rendition dial

The centerpiece of the website was to be this dial. Jonathan wanted embedded sound clips in each piece of the pie. We iterated through several versions of dials and ultimately settled on something similar to what he had drawn first.

vector texture detour sign vector radio boombox

Matthew Legrice is an incredible texture-renderer. Jonathan had a sign in his basement (see: pinball machines, a wall of road signs) that he wanted planted on the site.

The radio hadn't seen weblight, so here as artifact it finds home.

The site is best viewed as a living breathing website for movement and sound, but some static images as surrogates for the weary-footed:

website sample jonathan hanst website sample

Along with the voice, an incredibly optimistic dude. Deft hand with an album. Master of the Den.

Thanks again, Jonathan, for helping us saddle our horse.