Multi-Page Documents. When I feel best about it, these larger works maintain from page to page a precise shape and space.

It's essential when considering projects of this nature to be unintrusive but formative with the design– lend the client's information bones with which to stand, but not obtrude into the reader's experience.

zardozi byhand two page document

For ByHand Consulting, a small website and this vendor description.

logo proposal 40north page one through three logo proposal 40north page four through six logo proposal 40north page seven through nine logo proposal 40north page ten through twelvee

I turned my logo proposals into 5 x 7" cards recently. Digital cards, but smaller than the standard size I'd been using. It's a breath, certainly, as my comments remain spartan and deliberate.

Jean Spencer requested, as proxy / messenger to 40north, the above logo idea.

din ot text breakdown

The folks over at Vista Caballo were kind enough to let me run around with their house font, DIN OT, which is a reducti-diag sans-serif font.

vista caballo information document page one two vista caballo information document page three four

The document serves as the threshold for interested clients.