I am a Fan. I love the work that's being put out by so many folks. As a designer, I spend –well, if my day were a salad– an avocado's worth of time just on intake alone: watching, reading, looking at, listening to. Then I manifest that, reflect that, into the work that I'm doing.

I paid $20 to take DKNG Studios' class on Making a Rock Poster and it set me adrift in the world of illustrative poster making. Again, working from Pencil to Photoshop was a crucial, slowing process that provided a lasting commitment to the work, to refining the idea and forcing me to see what worked and what didn't.

Matt and I went on as See Monster to take the process learned there and apply it to two films – Wet Hot American Summer and Ghostbusters.

First, Everything Everything, English musical-Picassos. My initial sketches / concepts:

poster sketches rock

The three ideas revolved around: perspective boxes, James Bond, and sharktopuses. If you haven't checked out Everything Everything, I started here.

Perspective won out, due to class feedback, despite the allure of the monolithic Sharktopus.

poster final rock

Never printed, but, it was the first. The second, WHAS, was a collaboration piece for a beer & movie event put on by Casey Berry, owner of Imbibe-Denver.

Start with sketches and a concept, move from there.

poster sketch wet hot american

We handdrew our favorite characters from the film, made a prodigious list of various quotes that were never incorporated, vectored them, played with colors, and found a certain peace in filling gaps with patterns of our designing.

They are for sale at our small online shop.

poster final digital wet hot american

I secured a stack of Barnes and Noble Nook boxes and turned them into custom packaging over the course of a day or two at Good Appl.es Headquarters. We printed the things on such paper stock that they couldn't be rolled and thus tubed.

Not a mistake, nay. Lesson learned however.

poster shipping wet hot american
We began meeting again weekly to discuss our next poster, selected Ghostbusters as our film de choix, picked at inspiration, and settled on one of my favorite comic artists of the day - Chris Ware.

He has a diagramatic style that plays up a very subtle humor, one in which details are joyously tucked into every floating bubble.

poster inspiration chris ware

The scene from Ghostbusters we selected to illustrate was that initial sequence, the first call Dan Aykroyd and crew get– a ghost is haunting the New York Public Library. In retrospect, that first call they get mirrored how we felt about doing posters. Yes of course we're serious. No, we haven't done this before but just give us the address and we'll be there.

poster elements phone call poster elements bill murray poster elements building poster elements car

We had it printed on more pliable 100# Black French Paper this time, to allow for tubing.

We've got one hundred, 97 or so of which are for sale.

Go get one of those. Here's the final, plus me.

poster final plus ew