Pencil to Photoshop. Not an unusual practice among the design community to set out on nigh impossibly long quests to draw all forty four Presidents or sketch what they think their baby will look like –every day– the entire length of their wife's pregnancy. It's good practice to watch an idea thrush itself from the weeds and take shape across the revisionary realm of ink and digitalia.

Matt Legrice and I are not strangers to trend-following, so our proposal and intent was to work our way across the letters of the alphabet (backwards), through pencil, pen, Adobe Illustrator, and then Adobe Photoshop, presenting weekly on Wednesdays.

We've made ten weeks at this point.

drawing z pencil drawing z pen drawing z vector drawing z photoshop

Generally, the Z, as first letter drew me through a lot of excess– I inked over and under where I'd begun, but enjoyed the dimension-work the letter naturally provided. It took me back towards race tracks, those electric ones that my dad used to eraser the track so that the cars could move faster.

drawing y pencil drawing y pen drawing y vector drawing y photoshop

Y oh Y did I ever do my initial pencil drawing on an 11 x 17" piece of paper. Pure artistic vanity, yup. A guy I knew who I ran into in the bus station, he told me after he saw my sketches– now you just gotta make it bigger, bro.

So I did.

In some instances, totally true. The Y was an explosion. I watched some Ralph Steadman videos, got hooked on ink splatter and totally blew up my physical drawings. What you can't see is that the vector I did for the final two pieces was actually based off of the much larger Y which I don't have a scan of. You can see the arc of it in those first two drawings.

And that pencil, a wonderful birthday gift from my friend Sam Campbell

drawing x pencil drawing x pen

You'll see that mild remark just to the right of the ink 'X'. 'I was an X'.

This is typical result of hand-drawing anything, and something that makes me wonder if my mind will ever be serious for just a moment. In the meanwhile, I let more eyes and thumbs up pop-up everywhere, and provide digital content on the professional plane.

This is the current pause point of this project. More to come in so many ways.