Wells Custom Cloth. That point where your perfectionist stops saying anything and hums along with your creative.

I'd say Wells Cloth is the closest I've come to lasting happiness with my final product.

Catherine Wells, youngest of three beatuiful Australian sisters (the Fates?), is a savant of fabric. Simplicity shrouded in seam. This was a joint project between myself and Matthew Legrice, my design partner of long-time, working as our joint perspective See Monster.

Catherine's initial concept for her identity revolved around a fellow named Kingsley.

wells kingsley dachsund

Gorgeous little kid, yeah?

Well (ha!), Catherine came to our office, made us some Mixed and Matching Shirts (Purple w/ White Pocket y Vice Versa) in exchange for some help with a name, followed by sketch and logo-work.

We went after the typography with a vengeance at first, sketching, re-sketching, inking.

wells sketches wells sketches wells sketches wells sketches

Cluttered, huh?

As we described it to her: 'The challenge is in creating something that retains the whimsy and lightness of sunny days, braids, bonnets, airy laughs, and simple times with an elegance and crispness that reflects the quality of these handmade cloths.

While she appreciated the exuberance and thoroughness of our sketchings, she wanted to stay closer to Kingsley, and so we returned to him.

wells dachsund

Monochrome it.

wells dachsund white wells dachsund black

Then turn to text. Catherine made mention of several qualities she wanted in the logo as a whole, citing simplicity, elegance, with indie and whimsical qualities as well. She mentioned Anthropologie in addition to Filly Designs, another clothing designer as inspiration.

We went after tall slim fonts, with a hint of unique and quirk; nothing isolating but enough to point out there was no corporate behind the cloth.

text types text types

Knot it all together y voila, satisfaction. Lasting, hopefully.

wordmark wordmark with grid whole logo

Still one of my favorite shirts. A linen thing that takes me dancing and holds me on the floor. If a chance you have to wear Wells Sworn Cloth of any kind, snatch, as though the thread were out the hole moments later.

I will be pursuing more work with her just so I can have the matching pants, soon as this website is finished.

Gracias, Catherine, and good luck.